President                                     Jose L Tirado 

Vice President                             Brandy Claude

Treasurer                                     Patrick Hahn

Secretary                                     Adrianna Kimbrel

Sergeant of Arms                       Jeremy Lynch

Social Media Director                Andi  Schloesser        

Equipment / Field Manager       Derek Neff      

Volunteer Director                     Michelle Neff / Meghan Lynch

Divisional Director                    Derek Neff

Pee Wee Divisional                   Michelle Neff

Freshman Divisional                 Meghan Lynch

JV Divisional                             Adrianna Kimbrel

Varsity Divisional                     Jeremy Lynch

HS Divisional                            Andi  Schloesser             

Acreage Flag Football is a nonprofit 501(c) organization that organizes spring league for Acreage Community. Our league is open for youth ages 4-18, with the emphasis on teaching development over participation through teamwork, practice, and mentorship. We are not just another participation league! The league is for  both boys and girls of all skill levels and promotes a competitive, confidence building, non contact football experience. 

Welcome to the Acreage Flag Football League